Peer to Peer Deliveries

We’re on a mission to save you time and make your life easier. Tell us what you need delivered, where to pick it up and where it’s going. We’ll take care of it all and you get to enjoy more time doing the things that you enjoy doing.

Sending and Receiving packages is super easy. Here’s how it works:

1. Drop us a message with your pickup location
2. Give us contact details of the sender (if it’s not you)
3. Tell us if you would need packaging material for your item
4. Schedule delivery location , date and time(Express service)
5. Contact details of the receiver are required before your order is confirmed(if it’s not you)
6. Confirm your order (COD or choose one of our pre-payment options)

We will notify you along the way until the delivery is complete.


We have flat rate pricing for our services

Standard Service (next day deliveries):

Under 3 KG: Rs.60
3 KG to 12 KG: Rs.60 Every additional location intercity to be charged Rs.20

Under 3 KG: Rs.40
3 KG to 12 KG: Rs.40 Every additional location intercity to be charged Rs.20